Thanks NASA

Yep, we have a lot to thank NASA for: freeze-dried food, cochlear implants and TRL scores.

The Technology Readiness Level system was developed by NASA in 1974 to help categorise the stage of a project so that it either wasn’t ignored or wasn’t taken too seriously, too early. Here’s how we’ve applied TRLs to Longevity technologies and investment stages:

We love TRLs as they are unambiguous and generally align with the funding stages of tech companies:

Many articles on Longevity.Technology carry two TRL scores:

The top TRL line is the overall score for companies or research within a subdomain e.g. domain: Nanotech, subdomain: Targeted Delivery.

The second TRL line is the score for that particular company or research project so you can see whether it is aligned, behind or ahead of its peers.