Phil Newman


Editor-in-Chief Phil has over 25 years of C-level management, marketing and business development expertise in Europe and North America. His creative background has helped him shape unconventional strategies for commercial growth - garnering both awards and investor ROI.

Phil has wide experience of technology transfer and the commercialisation of innovations from both private and institutional sources and this led to his interest in Longevity and the founding of Longevity.Technology.




‘AI & Longevity’ Ask Me Anything

Various speakers from the conference come together to answer your questions on AI & Longevity.

The use of TORC1 inhibitors to improve immune function in the elderly

Joan Mannick, Chief Medical Officer, resTORbio

How do we show in humans that a drug targets aging?

Nir Barzilai, Director, Institute for Aging Research

Geroprotectors: time to change the way we treat older people?

Ilaria Bellantuono, Professor in Musculoskeletal Ageing, Co-Director, The Healthy Lifespan Institute, Department of Oncology and Metabolism

Removal of senescent cells to extend healthspan & lifespan

Gary Hudson, Executive Chairman, Oisín Biotechnologies

The undeveloped hinterland of rejuvenation

Reason, Co-founder and CEO Repair Biotechnologies & Fight Aging!

Group discussion with various Day 2 speakers

Nina Khera, Co-Founder, Biotein

Supercentenarians – reprogramming cells

Michael D West, Chief Executive Officer, AgeX Therapeutics