rejuvant life tabs
rejuvant life tabs

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Leucine, weight loss and NAD+ boosting

Part 2 of our interview with NuSirt's founder explores clinical trials and commercialisation of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical combinations with leucine. In the first part of...

Organoid to the rescue of the thyroid

Sci-fi or reality? Artificial organs may soon be the solution for those suffering from all forms of hypothyroidism. The role of the thyroid gland is...

Changing demographics warrant solid longevity foundation

EU Green Paper on Ageing is a wish list, but the European Longevity Initiative is proposing a foundation first. Back in January, the European Commission...

Longevity supplements report: JUVICELL profile

Determined to bring longevity opportunities to a wider market, JUVICELL packs ten ingredients into its longevity supplement. Over the coming weeks, we will be bringing...