AI & Longevity

Margaretta Colangelo in conversation with Richard Siow, John Shepherd, and Alexander Zhavoronkov

Margaretta Colangelo, Co-founder / Managing Partner, Deep Knowledge Ventures / Longevity.Capital / Deep Knowledge Analytics

Uncovering the heterogeneity & etiology of aging

Joseph Geraci, CEO and co-Founder, NetraMark Corp

From cells to cities

Tina Woods, CEO and Founder, Longevity International

AI enables a holistic approach to Superlongevity

Ben Goertzel, Chief Scientist, Chairman, AI Researcher: SingularityNET, Novamente LLC, Humanity+

Using AI to decode and encode the signals from the brain to the body

Oliver Armitage, Co-Founder & CSO, BIOS Health

‘AI & Longevity’ Ask Me Anything

Various speakers from the conference come together to answer your questions on AI & Longevity.

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