Defining biological aging

Connections & differences between different hallmark processes

Lynne Cox, Associate Professor in Biochemistry, University of Oxford.

Healthspan and aging: integrating operational definitions

Ludger Jansen & Georg Fuellen, Professor of Philosophy, University of Rostock & University of Passau

Longevity perspectives: from cell to society

Richard Siow, Director, Longevity AI Consortium, Kings College, London.

Aging is agings: a recursive definition of biological aging

Attila Csordas, Founder & Director, AgeCurve Ltd.

Reversing human ageing: where are we really?

Michael Fossel, Founder & President, Telocyte.

Aging interventions from mice to humans

Brian Kennedy, Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry and Physiology, NUS, Singapore.

Defining aging concretely can clarify how to defeat it

Aubrey de Grey, Founder and CEO, SENS Foundation.

‘Defining Biological Aging’ Ask Me Anything

Various speakers from the conference come together to answer your questions on defining biological aging.

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