Longevity investing

Global pandemics & accelerated investment in Longevity

Dmitry Kaminskiy, Co-founder / Managing Partner, Deep Knowledge Ventures / Longevity.Capital / Deep Knowledge Analytics.

The crucial question in Longevity investing: is it repair?

Reason, Co-founder and CEO, Repair Biotechnologies & Fight Aging!

Genome editing: opportunity & anxiety in equal measure

James Lawford Davies, Partner, Hill Dickinson

How to identify new targets and indications for aging drug development

Simon Melov, Professor, Buck Institute and Founder and CEO, Gerostate Alpha

Risk & reward: Longevity investments

Ronjon Nag, Managing Director and Founder, R42 Group

5 investment lessons from coronavirus

Sergey Young, Founder, Longevity Vision Fund.

‘Longevity investing’ Ask Me Anything

Various speakers from the conference come together to answer your questions on Longevity investing.

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Big Brother approach to accelerate preclinical studies

Tracked.bio develops AI computer vision system that tracks flies and mice to reduce man-hours and increase data collected in Longevity studies. A Danish start-up aims...

Deliver us from aging – the Quicksilver method

Bigger certainly doesn't mean better when it comes to Quicksilver's nutraceutical delivery methods. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an upturn in the supplements industry; from...

Astellas to acquire iota Biosciences

Following an R&D collaboration that began last year, Japanese pharma Astellas has announced it will acquire bioelectronics firm iota in $304m deal. Last year's R&D...

OneSkin launches topical senetherapeutic skin treatment

Extending skinspan with non-invasive senetherapeutic proprietary peptide. OneSkin is a Longevity company on a mission to transform the way we think about skin. Today the...