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Longevity start now

How can BioViva address the here and now?

Liz Parrish, CEO, BioViva Sciences

Navigating the labyrinth of dietary restriction methods

Brian Delaney, Director, Vitality in Aging Research Group

Forever Healthy – ensuring a healthy Longevity

Isabelle Schiffer, Scientific Spokesperson, Forever Healthy Foundation

Prescribing Longevity

Oliver Zolman, Director, 20one Consulting Ltd

Prescribing Longevity Stateside

Phillip Milgram, Medical Director, NAD MD, Inc

Biohack your way to Longevity

Oksana Andreiuk, Founder, Strategist, Canadian Biohacker, Klick Health

The Death of Death: the three bridges to physical immortality

Jose Cordeiro, International Fellow, World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS), Executive Director, Ibero-American Futurists Network (RIBER)

What is making a transhumanist wager?

Zoltan Istvan, Author of Transhumanist Bill of Rights, Presidential Candidate

‘Longevity: Start now’ Ask Me Anything

Various speakers from the conference come together to answer your questions on 'Longevity: Start now'
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