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Nuritas launches PeptiYouth™ an AI-discovered peptide, clinically proven, anti-aging molecule.

Nuritas, a leader in Artificial Intelligence-based peptide discovery, has launched PeptiYouth™, a peptide discovered within peas and which, following clinical trials, has been shown to reduce cellular aging.

Longevity.Technology: We like peptides, as they’re generally recognised as safe (GRAS) and therefore accelerate through clinical pipelines quicker than some of their rejuvenation peers. This is an interesting validation of the approach; advanced cosmetics will be an area that we spend more time covering over the coming months.

Using their proprietary ground-breaking AI technology NπΦ (pronounced N-pi-fy or Nuritas Peptide Finder), Nuritas discovered and unlocked this peptide from the Pea Proteome. PeptiYouth has been clinically tested in a 40-person double blind placebo trial and shown to improve cellular regeneration. After 28 days of PeptiYouth use, human clinical trials showed a ‘significant’ reduction in wrinkle depth, reduction in skin roughness, reduction in skin inflammation and enhanced collagen production … and probably better than Zoom’s ‘touch up my appearance’.


“… the first of a suite of clinically tested ingredients Nuritas will be launching in the coming months.”



Back in October last year, when we asked Dr Nora Khaldi, Nuritas Founder and CEO about commercialisation of products she commented: “The one that’s on the market is an anti-inflammatory which was launched last year – the first AI discovered healthcare product in the consumer arena, PeptAIde is a post-exercise anti-inflammatory ingredient which contains a unique set of plant-based peptides that specifically help modulate inflammation. Our global partner on it is BASF. The next one is for skin anti-aging with the pre-diabetes coming next.

So the team has delivered on product 2 which is supported by peer-review: “The anti-ageing effects of a natural peptide discovered by Artificial Intelligence” in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science [1].

“I am unbelievably proud of our team who worked tirelessly to make this happen. We have spent years refining our AI and machine learning platform in combination with our world class in-house laboratory and team of scientific experts. PeptiYouth is the first of a suite of clinically tested ingredients Nuritas™ will be launching in the coming months. This marks a step-change in the use of Peptides as active ingredients as well a massive step for the use of AI as a discovery tool augmenting human research capabilities ” commented Dr Nora Khaldi, Nuritas Founder and CEO.

U2’s The Edge visits the Nuritas team at their Dublin headquarters.

U2 are on Nuritas’ list of high-profile investors and Khaldi told us last year that 2020 is when the company will be looking for Series B funding – this current traction will no doubt help the company’s valuation.

[1] onlinelibrary.wiley.com/…0.1111/ics.12635

Image courtesy of Nuritas Limited
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