First Longevity appoints George Sutherland as Chairman

Some news of our own: we’re expanding our Board and funding for growth.

Health and med-tech leader, George Sutherland, enters the Longevity industry to support the growth of (this) longevity publishing platform and a (future) international equity funding platform: Crowd Longevity.

Longevity.Technology: We are a media and (soon to be) finance business focused on the longevity sector, today we’re announcing the appointment of our Chairman to close-out our current funding round, drive expansion and to support our first steps into equity funding. Boom.

Going forwards, Longevity.Technology and Crowd Longevity will be assets of our new company: First Longevity.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the health sector, George brings a wealth of know-how from both public and private businesses including Unilever and the NHS. He also holds non-executive chairman positions at med-tech start-ups TestCard and Trueinvivo.

“The global longevity economy is projected to reach $27 trillion in 2026 and First Longevity’s growing media brand and database puts us in a great place to bring together investors and start-ups to maximise this fast-growing market opportunity,” said Sutherland.


“… the risk of missing-out on genuine longevity funding opportunities increases as more start-ups enter the market.”



“For investors, the risk of missing-out on genuine longevity funding opportunities increases as more start-ups enter the market. For early-stage start-ups and scale-ups, attracting investors with a genuine longevity focus, and the funds to finance later rounds, is challenging. First Longevity is well-placed to address these challenges, so I’m excited to be joining Phil and his team to help drive growth.”

“It’s great to have George on our Board and I’m looking forward to closing our current funding round so that we can execute our expansion plans,” said Phil Newman, founder of First Longevity (me). “It’s very rewarding to have built the leading daily news platform for the growing longevity market in such a short space of time, but we still have lots to do – I’m excited by the insights we are getting and the opportunities that we are seeing for investors in early-stage longevity tech.”

We will announce the appointment of our Advisory Panel of leading experts from Longevity science and investment in the coming days. The Board and the Advisory Panel will support the development of unique media content while reviewing the scientific, technical and investment potential of companies presented to equity investors.

Thanks to you for your ongoing interest and advocacy! 

Phil Newman
Editor-in-Chief Phil is Editor-in-Chief Longevity.Technology and founder of Crowd Longevity a digital investment platform for international investors and Longevity start-ups launching in 2020.

In his career, Phil has held c-level management positions; applying his marketing and business development expertise into these tech sectors: Longevity; IoT; AI; Medical Devices; Biopharma; 3D Manufacturing; Smartgrid and Sustainability.

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