G3 and Juvenescence partner on deep learning venture

G3 Therapeutics and Juvenescence announce the formation of Juvenomics to apply deep molecular profiling and deep learning to tackle aging.

Juvenomics, a joint venture between G3 and Juvenescence and G3 Therapeutics has been launched to leverage biological big data for drug discovery and development for therapies to slow aging and increase healthy lifespan.

Longevity.Technology: Collaborations can pool the best resources, allowing new ideas to come to the fore, so we were excited to learn about this new venture from two big names in the Longevity business. Nutraceuticals is one of fastest-growing areas of anti-aging research, and their GRAS status can often mean we’ll see products on shelves sooner than anticipated.

Juvenomics will focus on developing validated nutraceuticals and medicines to combat aging itself, as well as tackling aging-related diseases such as those of the musculoskeletal system. Currently COO at Juvenescence and the Chair of Scientific Translation at the Francis Crick Institute, Dr David Roblin MD FMedSci, has been appointed to the Board.

The new venture has the foundation of G3’s multi-omic biological dataset and the unique machine learning platforms built by Juvenescence. G3’s dataset consists of trillions of proprietary datapoints, which were collected in the GLOBAL Clinical Study (NCT01738828) [1]  of over 7,500 patients.

“… the science of aging and healthy longevity has gone through its rites of passage …”



Founder and CEO of G3 Therapeutics, Szilard Voros, said: “For the first time, biological big data – and genomics in particular – meets longevity science. Over the past 7 years, we have pioneered the use of unbiased biological big data for drug discovery and development, primarily focusing on cardiovascular and cardio-metabolic diseases. During the same period of time, the science of aging and healthy longevity has gone through its rites of passage and Juvenescence is paving the way in the application of the same scientific and medical rigor that is applied to all common, chronic diseases.

“In Juvenescence, we have found the perfect partner to work with to discover, develop and commercialize genetically validated nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals to foster healthy aging and treat diseases of aging.”

Founder and CEO of Juvenescence, Gregory Bailey MD, agreed: “At Juvenescence, we are very excited about this opportunity to work with G3. Since its inception Juvenescence has been at the vanguard of applying data science towards drug discovery and development.

“The depth of the patient derived database assembled by G3 is extraordinary and compelling. To have exclusive access to the existing data and the new data that G3 generates going forward for anti-aging and age-related diseases is a unique opportunity. This data gives us the ability to accelerate discovery and development of therapeutics to modify healthy aging.”

[1] https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01738828

Image courtesy of Juvenescence


Eleanor Garth
Deputy Editor Now a science and medicine journalist, Eleanor worked as a consultant for university spin-out companies and provided research support at Imperial College London and various London hospitals in a former life.

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