Inside is the new outside for DNA and PT collaboration

Working your core means going even deeper – right down to your genes – thanks to PT Hub and Muhdo Health.

Biohacking – DIY Biology – is growing in popularity and celebrity endorsement. From self-experimentation to monitoring sleep patterns, understanding and improving individual body rhythms can pay real dividends when it comes to healthy Longevity. Now big data company Muhdo Health has announced it has joined forces with My PT Hub to bring the benefits of DNA and epigenetic testing to the world of personal training.

Longevity.Techonology: Is taking control of your biology taking over the world? Biohacking seeks to tackle wellness from top to toe, addressing diet, sleep, exercise, existing conditions and mental wellness – all from the point of view of an individualised, personalised regimen. Drilling down deeper into DNA is the next natural step, identifying and mitigating the health challenges and predispositions of the individual.

Instagram is full of personalities embracing biohacking. Just this weekend Hollyoaks’ star Davinia Taylor was detailing her own biohacking regime and crediting it for a marked improvement in her physical and mental health.

The news that Muhdo is set to collaborate with My PT Hub – used by 80,000 qualified trainers and boasting more than two million users worldwide – will generate increased awareness of DNA and epigenetics and drive growth in the Longevity market.

My PT Hub allows personal trainers to develop bespoke fitness and nutrition plans for their clients; the new partnership will allow them to offer Muhdo’s DNA testing service as well, integrating “high level” DNA results into their app to customised fitness and nutrition advice.

Nathan Berkley, CEO of Muhdo, said: “DNA and epigenetics testing has the potential to help everyone from gold medal winning athletes to individuals just wanting to get fitter. Working with PTs and their clients is an important milestone for us as it adds another avenue to reach people focused on their health and fitness who could benefit from monitoring their internal health.

“We’re excited to be announcing this strategic partnership and to be working with a … business built for personal trainers in a rapidly-growing segment of the fitness market.”

Phil Carr, CEO at My PT Hub agreed: “We’re passionate about providing the best support and resources to our growing network of personal trainers around the world and Muhdo will be a fantastic addition to the My PT Hub Marketplace. Consumers are increasingly fascinated with DNA and how it can be used to improve health and fitness, so we’re excited to offer our customers the opportunity to access useful insights to make small but impactful changes to their wellbeing.”

Eleanor Garth
Staff Writer and Community Manager Following a degree in Classics, Eleanor organised biomedical engineering conferences and provided research support at Imperial College London and various London hospitals, before working as a science and medicine journalist.

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