Longevity Leaders World Congress goes virtual

Annual Longevity conference gets a digital makeover as the community adapts to COVID-19.

With much of the world still in some form of lockdown, the speed of humanity’s switch to a digital version of reality has been nothing short of incredible. As quickly as conferences and events have fallen by the wayside, online versions have risen up to take their place.

Longevity.Technology: While it’s encouraging to see more and more events shifting to a virtual model, it’s also important that organisers recognise the potential for online conference fatigue and the need to keep things fresh and interesting for participants. With this in mind, we’ll shortly be announcing a new series of online events with highly specific themes that address some of the fundamental questions facing Longevity.

Following the success of our Longevity2020 online conference, the excellent Longevity Leaders World Congress takes place this week as a virtual experience, bringing together more than 100 speakers across four days to address the key issues in aging and age-related disease.

Longevity Leaders
Discussion at Longevity Leaders World Conference 2019

Key highlights from today’s session included a debate on creating places with Longevity in mind featuring Legal & General’s John Godfrey and Engie’s Paula Broadbent. Later on Tuesday saw a discussion on how to tackle agism, featuring representatives from AARP, the United States’ largest non-profit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering older citizens.

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On Wednesday morning, Mercer’s Dimitris Efthyvoulou explores the subject of financial wellness and the obligation of the workplace to support individuals. Wednesday afternoon’s not-to-be-missed session is a live Investor Q&A with Juvenescence, Apollo, Vickers Ventures, the British Business Bank, Big Society Capital, NCL Technology Ventures, SV Health Investors and more.

Longevity Leaders World Conference
Discussion at Longevity Leaders World conference 2019

Nir Barzilai kicks off the Thursday session, moderating a keynote panel featuring industry heavyweights from Alkahest, Buck Institute, resTORbio and Unity Bioscience that will discuss aging science, healthspan and the potential to dramatically change how we treat disease. The day concludes with an informal networking session, featuring live streamed music from Will Udall.

Friday morning sees a live series of roundtables that will explore the impact of the future of work, changing smoking habits, climate change, aging science and IoT on life expectancy worldwide. That will be followed by a live debate on the fundamental flaws in COVID-19 modelling and policy, and a conversation about the future of work in the wake of COVID-19 with Unilever’s Placid Jover and Morag Lynagh. Finally, Friday participants must not miss a live next steps discussion from the APPG Business Coalition for Healthier Longevity, hosted by Tina Woods.

We expect this year’s Longevity Leaders Congress to be as compelling an online experience as it was to be there in person in previous years.

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