Longevity2020: Day 5 Recap

On Friday, the Longevity2020 online conference drew to a close, and the final day explored what people can be doing today to address their Longevity.

Getting things going, Aging Intervention Foundation’s Johnny Adams kicked things off, giving the audience insight into his organisation’s mission to slow and ultimately reverse biological aging. Adams shared insight from his own personal mission to beat aging, and kindly invited conference participants to his 100th birthday party in 2049.

Addressing self-experimentation, Fight Aging’s Reason explained how even lifestyle changes like a new diet or exercise program constitute experiments and there are always risks to consider. He stressed the importance of verifying and testing everything you do, and that nothing you read should be taken at face value – even scientific papers.

Tom Weldon from Ponce De Leon Health revealed that a 100 patient double blind, placebo controlled human trial is now enrolling at Indiana University Medical Center for Rejuvant, the company’s alpha-ketoglutarate supplement. Data in mammal models suggests an average 41% increase in health span, 45% compression of morbidity, and 12% increase in lifespan.

BioViva’s Liz Parrish spoke about the need to expedite therapeutics from the lab to the patient and the importance of data science in supporting that. Parrish shared how partner firm Integrated Health Systems is working in partnership with Maximum Life Foundation to fund a trial to rejuvenate microglial cells using telomerase gene therapy.

Steve Perry from GDF11Rejuvenation shared insights into the use of the GDF11 molecule to repair stem cell DNA and reverse aging. Supported by data from a cohort of more than 100 human volunteers, Perry claims some interesting biomarker evidence of GDF11’s efficacy,  including improved reaction time, average heart rate variability and blood pressure, among others.

Vitality in Aging Research Group’s Brian Delaney shared his views on fasting, as he explained how to navigate the labyrinth of dietary restriction methods. He was followed by Isabelle Schiffer from Forever Healthy Foundation, who spoke about her organisation’s publicly available database that identifies and evaluates new rejuvenation therapies by screening all related scientific papers, evaluating relevant (pre-)clinical studies, and assessing evidence-based benefits and risks.

Oliver Zolman of 20one Consulting shared his views on what it takes to stay healthy beyond 100 years of age, and citing a few simple lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, as delivering a 95% chance of reaching 92-96 years of age. Going beyond this to ensure healthy life in our 90s and beyond requires a lot more knowledge, commitment and cost. Zolman also spoke about his involvement in Longevity.School, a training resource for people interested in improving their Longevity.

NAD MD’s Phillip Milgram shared his nine steps towards a healthy and “unlimited” life. Steps ranged from the importance of deep sleep and gut microbiome health, to supplements and stem cell rejuvenation.

Canadian biohacker Oksana Andreiuk shared her top tips for budding biohackers, including five key areas to quantify and hack; sleep, fitness, environment, stress and nutrition. Andreiuk also stressed the importance of measurement and gave an insight into the wide range of biomarkers that can and should be monitored by anyone seeking to optimize their biology by biohacking.

As the day drew to a close, author José Cordeiro spoke about his book, The Death of Death, and the three bridges that humanity must cross in order to reach the ambitious goal of physical immortality by 2045. He was followed by transhumanist and US Presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan who spoke on a wide range of subjects, including his plan for a universal basic income that utilizes the trillions of dollars’ worth of unused federal land to end poverty in America.

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