Making the Longevity grade: expanded list of 1000 leading names

2020 list showcases a growing network of Longevity influencers from the worlds of aging research, technology, policy, media and investment.

Who’s who in Longevity? Following-on from the success of their 100 Longevity Leaders report, the Aging Analytics Agency has now produced a carefully-curated list of 1000 Longevity Leaders in an attempt to answer that question: ten-fold.

Longevity.Technology: These reports are a great way to ensure that the spotlight continues to fall on the expanding Longevity sector by highlighting the growing number of researchers, strategists, inventors and investors who are dedicating themselves to the market.

Categorised by region and by 10 sectors of major activity (Entrepreneurs, Science and Academia, Investors, Donors, Policy, Politics and Governance, Media Influencers, Longevity Legends and Rising Stars and Longevity Financial Industry), the IT-Platform features interactive mind-maps with biographies for each person was created by AAA at the request of Longevity.International, which is the major host of the project.

The platform also includes dynamic filters that allow users to search leaders by region, category, name and company or organization, and to visualize targeted subsets of leaders that match specific criteria, including those who are active in particular subsectors in specific geographic regions or in two or more specific industry categories simultaneously.

Both in terms of number of entities and the scope of categories included, this would appear to be the most comprehensive database of Longevity Industry professionals created so far. Some of these 1000 personalities will be at the Longevity Leaders digital conference that starts tomorrow.

Aging Analytics plan to keep it updated on a regular basis over the coming year, and future iterations of the platform will included an expanded scope of industry subsectors and categories, new metrics and frameworks for selecting leaders, additional geographic regions and transparent crowd-sourced voting functionalities to allow industry leaders to take a more active role in the specific composition of this dynamic, continually-evolving platform.

We are also delighted that this is such a global overview; the USA and UK has often received the majority of attention in the overall Longevity industry and it’s good to highlight the excellent work being done around the world.
Eleanor Garth
Staff Writer and Community Manager Following a degree in Classics, Eleanor organised biomedical engineering conferences and provided research support at Imperial College London and various London hospitals, before working as a science and medicine journalist.

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