Metabesity 2020 – extending healthspan virtually

Conference seeks to accelerate the translation of geroscience into material and equitable gains.

Targeting Metabesity will be running 12-15 October 2020 with a packed virtual schedule of speakers from the fields of geroscience, gerontology, behavioural science, environments for aging, patient advocacy, senior lifestyle, digital health and age-technology, and government and capital markets.

There are free tickets to part of the event, but why not take advantage of a half-price Premium Ticket, which includes recordings, with the Longevity.Technology special 50% discount code … Just use: MT20-LON20*

Longevity.Techology: Metabesity references the constellation of interconnected diseases with metabolic roots. Targeting these metabolic underpinnings could be a productive approach to delaying, or even preventing, many or most of the chronic diseases of aging. This conference aims to take on some of the most critical issues in healthcare today, increasing the focus on major chronic diseases, shifting the emphasis from isolated disease management to prevention of multiple diseases and going beyond treating individual diseases to extending healthy lifespan and healthspan.

Our very own Editor-in-Chief, Phil Newman is introducing Thursday’s Emerging Company Showcase, which features a range of products and services that support healthy Longevity. Some of these could grow explosively in coming years, and while there are far too many to cover here, we’ve chosen a few exciting companies that will be presenting – more to follow:

Pano Therapeutics, whose website launches later this week, has been in stealth mode, but is now emerging. Developing proprietary synthetic compounds and natural compound
formulations as drugs to address complex diseases of aging by targeting mitochondrial ion channels, Pano believes it has discovered the ‘metabesic’ target of metformin, which was previously unknown, it says. The company is discovering and developing both natural products and synthetic uber-metformins for metabesic indications.

Glyscend is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel orally-delivered compounds that work on targets inside the GI tract to treat a variety of metabolic disorders, including T2D.

Reducing or eliminating the burden of T2D. Source: Glyscend

CohBar is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on mitochondria-based therapeutics that originate from a novel group of naturally occurring peptide sequences within the mitochondrial genome. This emerging class of drugs for the treatment of chronic and age-related diseases includes the company’s lead compound, CB4211, which is in the Phase 1b stage of a Phase 1a/1b clinical trial for NASH and obesity.

Clinical Program: CB4211 for NASH & Obesity. Source: CohBar

Unify Pharma is a biotech company developing drugs to target neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Myocardial Infarction, Macular Degeneration, Alzheimer’s and Strokes. Their UP-1007 is the first-in-class water-soluble fullerene shown to successfully target the underlying causes of Parkinson’s and other diseases involving oxidative damage.

Stealth BioTherapeutics Inc is developing mitochondrial targeted therapeutics to address the mitochondrial function associated with many rare genetic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and common diseases of aging. Their lead compound has been shown to improve mitochondrial structure and function across multiple disease models — improving ATP production, decreasing oxidative stress and reducing inflammation, fibrosis and cell death.

Elamipretide, is a peptide compound that readily penetrates cell membranes, and targets the inner mitochondrial membrane where it binds reversibly to cardiolipin. Source: Stealth Bio Therapeutics

First Longevity

ALMS Therapeutics is an adipocyte curing company using an ultra-rare genetic disorder, the ALMS syndrome, to develop a biologic that targets the adipocyte, which is able to treat common diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and its associated comorbidities.

Genflow Biosciences is a private biotech company which is dedicated to the development of a safe gene therapy to halt, slow, or reverse the aging process. The company uses its proprietary technology (patent pending) for an episomal, transient delivery of extra copies of SIRT6 gene through minicircle plasmids, to extend lifespan and increase health span of humans (and dogs).

THOR has developed photobiomodulation (PBM Therapy) in which light (within certain parameters) regenerates tissue, reduces inflammation, and reduces pain by increasing cellular energy and reducing oxidative stress.

Professional equipment that delivers 660 nm, 810 nm, and 850 nm light using LEDs and lasers. Source: THOR Photomedicine

Juvena Therapeutics is a venture-backed regenerative medicine start-up which seeks to unlock the potential of rejuvenating proteins secreted by human embryonic stem cells to develop breakthrough tissue regenerative therapeutics for age-related and degenerative diseases. Their ML-enabled drug discovery and preclinical development platform identifies lead therapeutic candidates from a proprietary pro-regenerative, human embryonic stem cell-derived protein library to create tissue-specific medicines for degenerative diseases.

Juvena’s machine learning-enabled drug discovery and preclinical development platform identifies lead therapeutic candidates from a proprietary pro-regenerative protein library to create tissue-specific medicines for degenerative diseases. Source: Juvena Therapeutics


Check out the Metabesity2020 programme at There are free tickets to part of the event, but why not take advantage of a half-price Premium Ticket, which includes recordings, with our special 50% discount code

Just use: MT20-LON20*

Metabesity2002 is a chance to meet leaders in the field of geroscience, gerontology, behavioural science, environments for aging, government and capital markets. Hear silo-busting speakers who impact healthy Longevity. Interact with over 40 speakers, at more than 15 sessions, with many opportunities for your input — all from anywhere in the world, on any device and with any number of colleagues you may wish to invite.

Targeting Metabesity 2020 offer Free Admittance to all the sessions, our two Happy Hour Salons, our Gala on October 14th, and complimentary membership of Kitalys, a community dedicated to the delay and prevention of age-related diseases.

Also on offer is Premium Admittance at $99 that includes all of the above, plus recordings and videos of all available sessions and presentations, a directory of attendees, speakers and sponsors, and an e-book of curated posters.

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Images courtesy of Metabesity
Eleanor Garth
Deputy Editor Now a science and medicine journalist, Eleanor worked as a consultant for university spin-out companies and provided research support at Imperial College London and various London hospitals in a former life.

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