New data analytics platform in fight against Covid-19

A new analytics platform aggregates data about the latest med tech developments in the fight against Covid-19.

The arrival of Covid-19 has brought with it a surge in medical innovation. Around the world, hundreds of projects are in progress developing everything from new medicines to vaccines, tests and IT platforms to help in the battle against the virus.

Longevity.Technology: As much as Covid-19 advancements are to be welcomed, staying up to date with all the latest developments is a huge challenge without the support of tech.

To solve the problem, Deep Knowledge Group has announced an extension to its COVID-19 MedTech Analytics IT-Platform, to categorise entities, technologies and developments in the Covid 19 MedTech space. It brings all these developments together into one place providing a snapshot of all the organisations, scientists and technologies which are spearheading the fight against the virus.

The platform uses Interactive MindMap and Data Visualisation and its ultimate aim is to provide a comprehensive database and information resource to help public and health leaders stay informed on the latest developments in the Covid-19 med tech space.

The platform currently profiles 95 candidate treatments, 85 possible vaccines, 60 different types of preventative technology, 40 test kits, 220 scientists, 3880 companies, 535 investors and 50 funding agencies currently operating in this space. In addition, it has details of more than 1,500 clinical trials and almost 200 universities labs and R&D hubs which are working on the front line to slow the pandemic and help treat those who are already infected.

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A solution for the times

In a fast-moving Covid-19 environment – which updates by the day – it is almost impossible for key decision makers to maintain a full understanding of all the developments in this space.

Deep Knowledge has longer term plans for the platform. They intend it to serve as a distributed knowledge system, crowdsourcing data from relevant experts from around the world. Already, it has aggregated data from reliable public sources and experts, and they say they are open to collaboration from new experts.

The group is also unveiling advanced features which allows everyone including the general public to access the platform and get action-based answers to their questions.

Images courtesy of Deep Knowledge Group
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