Startup Showcase: Rejuvenate Biomed: What do you think?

Rejuvenate Biomed are ready to take their first Longevity therapy into clinical trials: Invest, buy, or both?

It’s time to have your say on Rejuvenate Biomed.

We like Longevity therapies derived from existing ‘off-patent’ drugs and this is what Rejuvenate Biomed are doing; they’re de-risked, unencumbered by licensing complexities and have great results from their research … but that’s just our opinion – you’re the ones with the investment and buying potential: What do you think?

  • Watch the video pitch and investor questions;
  • Check-out the slide deck;
  • Take the 30 secs survey and see what others think!

The video pitch and investor questions:

The slide deck:

Rejuvenate Biomed Pitch Deck Longevity.Technology

The 30-second survey (with live results):

Would you like to know more?

We’re happy to pass along your comments and questions to the Rejuvenate Biomed team: you can email us via this link. Thanks.


Thanks for engaging – we have regular Startup Showcases coming-up: stay tuned!

Phil Newman
Editor-in-Chief Phil is Editor-in-Chief Longevity.Technology and founder of Crowd Longevity a digital investment platform for international investors and Longevity start-ups launching in 2020.

In his career, Phil has held c-level management positions; applying his marketing and business development expertise into these tech sectors: Longevity; IoT; AI; Medical Devices; Biopharma; 3D Manufacturing; Smartgrid and Sustainability.

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