Video interview: talking senescence with Nina Khera

Teenage founder of Canadian start-up Biotein hunts a universal phenotype for senescent cells.

As we’ve covered in the past, Biotein’s Nina Khera has a mission to play her part of the Longevity science community.

Longevity.Technology: Once you get past the fact that Nina is still so early in her career – she’s still at school – it’s great to learn about her ambitions for the Longevity field and her team’s intention to use AI and machine learning to create senolytic clinical interventions.

As Nina told us earlier: “The research pertaining to senolytics and senescent cells is not advanced enough that we would think the supplements are safe or confirmed to work fully. Senolytics need to have more peer-reviewed studies, and that’s when we would recommend them.”

Nina has some very interesting things to say:

Phil Newman
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